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At Integrity Partners, we have an uncompromising attitude to quality, legal compliance and ethical standards, and will only act for a client when we know we can make a contribution to their success.

We’ve been serving many of the worl’s leading corporations and organizations, often in the most challenging places and circumstances, where information is hard to come by, and risks from  political instability and fraud are high.

Integrity Partners Compliance Consulting Group is a unique consulting company focusing on the empowerment of the compliance function within business operations and the importance of establishing and maintaining an ethical culture.  We’re pre-eminent leaders in anti-bribery, ISO 37001 anti-bribery certification services, and providers of world-class compliance program evaluations, risk assessments, and compliance program development services.

Integrity Partners focuses on providing RESULTS to ethics and compliance programs, taking into account each organization’s unique objectives, culture and way of doing business in order to ensure that solutions are effectively implemented and maintainable over the long-term.

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21. Yüzyıl CEOsu (Devlet Adamı CEO)

CEO ve CFO bir şirketin en önemli iki yöneticisi, aynen bir gemideki kaptan ve baş mühendis gibi. İki farklı karakter, iki farklı deneyim ve iş disiplini gerektiren iki farlı ancak birbirini bütünleyen yönetici. İkisinin dünyasını da basit aritmetikle anlatmak mümkün. Bir CFO için 2 kere 2 her zaman 4 etmeli. Şirketin varlıklarını koruması ve hayatta…

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